Founded: 1980. Awarded EUR 6.5m in 2019
The VELUX STIFTUNG is a Swiss charitable foundation supporting science in daylight research - especially daylight & humans, daylight & nature, daylight technology - as well as healthy aging and ophthalmology. The foundation supports high-quality research causing impact in science and/or society.

V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation, USA

Founded: 1991. Awarded EUR 2.8m in 2019
The primary goal of the foundation is to support environmental projects related to biodiversity, climate and sustainable production and consumption. The foundation primarily supports projects in the United States and small-scale projects in other countries.

Employee Foundations of the VKR Group

Founded in 1991. Awarded EUR 1.2m in 2018

The foundation makes grants to employees of the VKR Group for a number of purposes:

  • For employees and their immediate families who face unforeseen, unfortunate situations, such as a sudden and serious illness
  • For the final education of employees’ children
  • For activities in the communities where VKR Group companies operate.

KR Foundation

Founded in 2014. Awarded EUR 12m in 2019.

KR Foundation is a philanthropic foundation established on 21 December 2014 by VILLUM FONDEN and the descendants of Villum Kann Rasmussen. The purpose of the Foundation is to address the root causes of climate change and environmental degradation. The foundation receives means from VILLUM FONDEN on a regular basis.

The Danish Nature Fund

Founded in 2015.

The Danish Nature Fund (Den Danske Naturfond)  is a fund founded in 2015 by the Danish state, VILLUM FONDEN and Aage V. Jensen Naturfond. It is the aim and purpose of the Fund to promote the protection of nature and water environment in Denmark.