We wish to advance science as relevant to children and young people through empirical, real-world science education in lower and upper secondary school education.

The children, young people and science programme is built up around four pathways: education, leisure time, vocation and evaluation and knowledge. 

By focusing on education, our aims are:

To promote initiatives that motivate students to study science and technology at a high level, to apply what they learn to real-world problems and to form independent opinions about social issues.


Evidence-based, hands-on classroom instruction at the primary and secondary levels. A national training programme for science teachers at all levels. Improved research into science and IT teaching methods.

Information about funding, including application information, is available on our Danish website.

Selected projects:

Engineering in schools

A project that will bring engineering into primary school education and help more children and young people achieve technological and scientific insights as part of their general education.


The LEAPS project will be partnering with four local authorities over a period of six years to design an engaging learning method in which science is integrated into all school subjects, while the teaching is project-based and based on applied science. 

Big Bang

Big Bang is Denmark's largest science and technology conference and trade fair for everyone who teaches, communicates or conducts research in the technical and natural sciences in primary school, youth education programmes and in further education.

For further information. contact us:

Agi Csonka
Programme Director, VILLUM FONDEN
+45 20 14 05 45