Southern Funen establishes MakerLab as springboard for technical vocational education

VILLUM FONDEN has awarded a grant of DKK 6 million to establish a shared physical makerspace at Svendborg Business College. The new MakerLab will support the south Funen primary schools’ focus on technology understanding and provide increased access to vocational education within STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Children, youth and science

The grant is awarded under VILLUM FONDEN’s grant area Children, youth and science.

In 2021 Svendborg Business College (Svendborg Erhvervsskole og Gymnasier - SESG) will open the doors to its cool workshop, MakerLab, where students can try out new technology and create their own products.

“We look forward to having unique technological and digital facilities for teaching, both for our students in vocational education and for primary school students who through a bridging course can now have a whole new hands-on experience,” says Director Allan Kruse from SESG, home to 25 technical and mercantile vocational education programmes, a business college and a technical college. 

The new MakerLab will both support the Southern Funen primary schools’ focus on technology understanding and strengthen SESG’s students’ understanding of technology:

“The project builds bridges between primary and vocational education and training and will hopefully help more young people to see technical vocational training as an attractive career path. At the same time, it will strengthen the quality of vocational education and training by integrating digital technologies even further into education,” says Ali Csonka, Head of Programme for VILLUM FONDEN’s grant area for Children, youth and science.

Project start in early 2021

VILLUM FONDEN’s board has awarded a grant of DKK 6.1 million for the four-year project which will be launched in early 2021.

The project will see SESG collaborating with Svendborg Municipality, public schools, continuation schools and free schools from Svendborg, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Langeland and Ærø. The project will also involve cooperation with Svendborg Makerspace, which has previously received a grant from VILLUM FONDEN.

Anna Høxbro Bak
Communications Adviser, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS
+45 22 64 03 55