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With grants under VELUX FONDENS’s anniversary project ‘Senior citizens with impaired vision’, Danish People’s Aid, the Danish senior citizen organisation Professional Seniors and the Danish Committee for Health Education will generate new knowledge and networks to promote an active life for senior citizens when impaired vision changes their everyday life.
This year, VELUX FONDEN’s core group programme is awarding grants totalling DKK 41 million to eight very different research projects at the University of Copenhagen, the University of Southern Denmark, Roskilde University and Aarhus University.
Project managers’ must-read and megaproject master. The renowned scholar has many names. Soon Professor Bent Flyvbjerg will also have a Danish postcode again. A grant of DKK 30 million from VILLUM FONDEN has enabled the IT University of Copenhagen to recruit the leading international researcher.
The think tank, called Tænketanken Hav, will serve as a focal point for work towards a clean, healthy sea and sustainable use of its resources.
VILLUM FONDEN is making a new pool of grants available to promote climate education for children and young people. Schools, associations and other organisations can apply for grants to develop and test courses that can inspire other schools and teachers.
Danish universities led by DTU and GreenLab Skive are further strengthening their collaboration to develop and demonstrate the energy systems of the future—with the help of a grant from VILLUM FONDEN.

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