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VILLUM FONDEN has awarded a grant of DKK 6 million to establish a shared physical makerspace at Svendborg Business College.
How can we as a society and as humans learn to embrace algorithms and artificial intelligence?
The Divérs Forening association has been awarded a grant of DKK 9.5 million from VILLUM FONDEN for the project Boss Ladies.
Jammerbugt, Favrskov, Svendborg, Odense, Frederikssund and Lolland receive grants totalling DKK 31 million from VILLUM FONDEN to create makerspaces – learning laboratories for design, invention and technology.
Five interdisciplinary research and practice projects will deliver new insights and solutions to current societal challenges – from the social exposure of refugees and exclusionary dark design in urban spaces to hearing loss.
15 large and small projects are letting daylight and fresh air into shared urban gardens, schools and halls of residence for the benefit of children, young people, adults and the elderly.

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